Autumn At Home

Happy Friday! I've been a day ahead all week and for the first time I woke up this morning and knew what day it was. Ha. Overtired mom brain ;)

It's super gloomy and chilly out right now today. Adri's singing to Tangled songs, I'm drinking coffee, and Piper's grumping in her bed. Just a normal morning around here.

I received the new Katie Davis book, Daring To Hope yesterday, so I know what I'll be doing this weekend with any free time I get (that's not much either!). I loved her first book, Kisses From Katie, and I'm sure this sequel will be just as enjoyable.

Speaking of weekend. Sister Julia might be coming up for the next few days. It's been pretty strange having her not living nearby. So here's to hoping she makes it and we get some much-needed girl time in!

We don't have any great plans for today. Work, cleaning, and cuddles. This weekend is still kinda up in the air. So far no work for Adam, but that still could change at the last minute. I'll probably visit the fam, hang with Julia, and do some shopping. Adam will more than likely just rest and putter around the house.

Happy weekending! 

My baby girlies, already best of friends. 


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