Daring to Hope: Book Review

"...in these recent months, God has been teaching me the extraordinary strength it takes to just be ordinary. To dwell knowledgeably and hospitably in and toward this place He has given me with my people is, in fact an extraordinary call. He has shown me the beauty of being attentive to one person, in the mundane, again and again: to sit and listen to a mother's frustration over her child, to notice a a downcast teenager's face and ask about her day at school, to sit and play Candy Land for what feels like a millionth time, to joyfully receive a gift I don't need from a neighbor who desires to bless me, to love people so much that I take pleasure in not words or programs or projects but my very life with them"

As I mentioned last week I received a new book, Daring to Hope in the mail. Long-time blog readers will remember me talking about reading Katie's first book, and how much I loved it.

Well, now Katie has her new book out and in it she talks about how much in her life is still the same (she still lives in the same area with her 13 daughters, and is still helping and witnessing to those around her) but there are also some rather big changes (less "official" ministry work, a new husband, and a new baby boy).

Reading Katie's sweet words, and her sharings about her life, and the dear ones in it makes you feel like you are right there beside her. Her love for those around her, and her love for Jesus really is a such a precious, special thing.
I blazed through the book the first time and am now reading through it again, a bit more slowly (I'm a speed reader).

She shares her story of how life has changed, and how although we have a good and loving God it's not always a bed of roses, and it doesn't mean things always turn out the way we think they will, or think that they should. She talks of sick friends coming to live with them, praying that they will get better, only to have them not. The real life sadness and joy that she experiences every day. And how she has found that ministry is also in the everyday serving; cleaning, making food, reading books, hugging, holding, and being.

My mom's dear friend, Ann wrote the forward to the book, and it is a a beautiful one. Heartfelt, it completely captures Katie, her vision, and her love for others. To be honest, I've never before read a forward that I liked as much as the actual book.

You can find more about Katie's ministry, here.

If you haven't read her books yet, please do. I promise you will love them as much as I do.

I was provided this book by Blogging For Books in exchange for my free and honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.