after the weekend: Happy October!

Saturdays when Adam (or I) work are strange ones. They tend to be short ones, where the weekend seems to fly by and I can hardly believe it when Monday rolls around.
This past weekend was just such one. Adam worked all day on Saturday, and even though we had plans to try and spend time together on Sunday we got super busy. Adam cleaned out the rest of the garden, I cleaned the house, Piper took a nice long nap, and Adri watched a show.

The weather sure was beautiful though. Look at that view in the photo above (I drove over to my parent's with the girls for a while on Sunday morning)! 
Speaking of weather. How is it that it's already October?! Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it. So crazy. This year is flying by.

Happiest, most content of babies. Piper loves napping on our bed.

Saturday morning was super chilly out, and since Adam was gone working we didn't get out of bed until 1:00pm. Yup, that's right. We spent all morning just chilling in bed. We read books, watched a movie, ate breakfast and napped.

The other big weekend project was setting up a toddler bed for Adri. I cleaned out her room, re-arranged, and got her new* (to her) bed set up. She loves it and is so terribly proud of it (now to get her to actually SLEEP in it!).

*fun fact. there are three of those beds, and my brothers used them when they were little. Many years later and they are still being used, and still in excellent condition.

This little lady is one month old tomorrow. Time really does fly by too fast.

It's another frosty morning here. Piper is still sleeping, but Adri is awake and wants breakfast. I have a busy morning of work and paying bills ahead. Today I'm also attempting to work out a new rest time/naptime routine. I have serious doubts about how it will go, so wish me luck!

Happy 2nd of October!