after the weekend: autumn vibes, reading, and family

The highlight of the weekend was seeing sister Julia! On Saturday the girls and I went up to my parent's, hung out for a bit, and then we all ended up going to Critz Farm again. This beautiful warm Fall weather we've been having has been so wonderful! 

At Critz we explored the pumpkin field, Adri went on the cow train, down the slides, and braved the haunted barn (she did freak out at seeing a fake spider web though).  Oh, and we listened to a band and ate donuts. A really fun afternoon.

Friday afternoon I came in and found Adri sitting in the living room looking at a photo of Adam #hisbiggestfan.

 My view as a I drove home from my parent's place. It sure is pretty around here this time of year. I"m not happy about the approaching winter, but Autumn still is gorgeous.

It's wet and rainy here today. Adri is in her room having quiet time, Piper is playing on the floor, and I'm trying to power through some work.

I got about half-way though my new book (so good!) and have plans to try and finish later today. I've also been reading (well, more like listening on audio book) this, and it's excellent. So much food for thought (anyone like me find the whole personality/love languages thing fascinating?).

We are having Shepherd's Pie for dinner because somehow that's just the perfect rainy/cold weather food. Besides, we have leftover beef, and onion soup that will make a perfect gravy.

I used to be a big fan of Mondays. New start to the week, back to our daily routine after the scattered weekend and all that. However, these days it seems to be the opposite. Mondays are so hard. The babies are grumpy, I'm tired, the house is messy, and the work is overflowing. I really need to figure out something. I try to have the house cleaned the night before (that never used to happen) and I also know a lot of people that recommend getting up before the kiddos (while I'm getting 4 some hours of sleep a night that's not happening).  Anyway. Any of you seasoned mothers out there have any advice for making Mondays a little easier? I'm all ears.

Happy Monday! 


  1. Hello, I enjoyed your fall post! Makes me want to go apple picking at a local apple farm :) I do not feel like I am a seasoned mother myself (I have 6 kids under the age of 8) but I am continually learning. I used to be stuck on a Messy Monday crisis myself but I learned to "prepare for Monday" on Fridays by planning out a week of school lessons ahead of time, freeze a meal for Monday, and do an extra deep cleaning that day so Mondays will feel less frazzled for the kids and me! :)

  2. Just give it time sweetheart! ;)


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