after the weekend: adventuring


Yesterday morning we tossed the girls in the car and went off exploring. As I've mentioned before we live in the middle of state land and we have state forest on all sides. A quick walk or drive, and we are deep in the woods. Well, yesterday we took off on some new trails. Adam had found a big pond on Saturday when he was fishing and we went back to it and explored it more thoroughly.  It was beautiful; shimmery water, a warm sun, gentle breeze, and crunching leaves. After the pond we drove for about an hour down dirt roads where we found two more ponds and a shooting pit (with all the local guys and their trucks gathered 'round shooting guns).

It was a perfect way to spend what was probably one of the very last nice Autumn days.


  1. So beautiful. You got some great shots! Thanks for sharing! Christina

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    1. Deanna, we had so much fun. We don't really get a nice Fall around here (it's usually snowing around Oct. lol) but this year it's been really nice!

  3. Those pond photos are so pretty, with their rainbow hues. Adri looks so BIG to me with that big girl ponytail. She looks so happy with Adam. She is definitely daddy's girl although that doesn't detract from her having one of the best moms I know. Love you. Jules

    1. Jules! The pond was so pretty and that's the real color! It was really still too-like a mirror.
      Adri is a total daddy's girl and he's by far the favorite and fun!) parent lol
      I'm okay with that though...I think ;)
      Luv you too


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