life lately+plans for the weekend+photo overload

What a week! It's been a crazy busy one, and it seems like it just flew by. 

My little chunk-a-lunk is growing so big. She's cooing, smiling, and the happiest of babies. The only time she cries is when she needs her diaper changed, or wants to be held (which is kinda all the time, sadly).  Seriously though. The most agreeable of babies.

With the weather so warm we've hanging out outdoors as much as we can. Adri loves playing in the leaves and Piper just kicks around on a blanket. Having such nice weather the past two weeks has been a heavenly! 

Last Friday for Hobbit Day I made a Mushroom Pie. I hadn't made one in a very long time and both Adam and I had forgotten just how good it is. Comfort food at it's finest.

Sunny bedroom view. Adri's crib is over to the right, but it's high-time she moves to her own room and a toddler bed. It's on my list of things that I've been putting off (but really need to accomplish).

How most mornings around here start. Baby snoozing on my chest and toddler next to me. No matter how the night starts we all end up in the same bed together by morning (don't worry, Piper doesn't actually sleep on my chest, or even in bed with me for that matter, at night!).

With the weather growing cooler and the leaves falling I've finally broken out the knitting again. I sorted through all my yarn/wool stash and have projects lined up.

Look at all that adorable squish! She's so precious I can hardly stand it.

Speaking of colder weather. It's time to break out the soups and stews as well. I love to make a big pot of soup and then we (Adri and I) eat it throughout the week for lunches. Above is curried lentils with crackers, yogurt, and diced yellow tomatoes.

I had forgotten how much newborns SLEEP. This little girl spends so much time just passed out. 

My little artist :) Pull out a brown paper bag and some markers and BAM Adri's busy for the afternoon.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. 
It's supposed to be chilly and wet so I'm sure we'll be taking things easy and staying warm. I don't have whole lot planned, but Adam is going to be busy. He's got work, and is also planning on going fishing with a friend. Last week he went fishing and caught a beautiful little trout (it was delicious!) so I'm really hoping he catches more.

Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Sweet babes! Hoping to a great weekend for yall. The knitting project us beautiful! Christina

  2. Loving all your sweet baby and toddler pictures. I like the idea of a soup for the whole week. I don't worry about co-sleeping. I did it with both my boys. My pediatrician warned against it and said no to anything except a mattress on the floor with baby strapped in a bjorn carrier on my chest. Yeah right! I slept on a queen size bed with a fitted sheet and no other covers. I covered up mightily by wearing layers of night clothes, though, and lay on my side facing the baby and had my arm extended from me creating a right angle with my body. The baby was always swaddled, and I made sure that the tip of his head touched my out stretched arm. It was never a problem as long as I slept that way facing the baby. I am a light sleeper, though. A friend told me once to never let anyone bother me with comments about co-sleeping.



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