Life Lately+A Little House Tour+Plans For The Weekend

Oh my, has this been one strange week! Since I didn't work the past three evenings I kept thinking that it was either Thursday or Friday all week. Making this  officially the longest week ever. Not exactly what you want when you are waiting for your due date, lol.

So today is the big day! I'm finally 40 weeks and ready for baby to be here. We are praying for a speedy (but not too speedy-we have a almost an hour to drive to the hospital) and safe delivery.

Okay, so moving on. It's been chilly out this past week and really does feel like Fall out there. We've been wearing sweaters, baking muffins, and burning candles. All nice and Autumn-ish (NOT). 

My little love bug. We've been taking long nap together every afternoon and it's been so sweet. I hardly ever nap with her since that's when I try to get work done. But this past week I have and it's been the best. 

Adri has been such a big helper lately. I've been trying to get better at keeping her occupied (and the t.v off) and it's been going pretty well. She loves to clean (I know, lucky me!) and will happily wash dishes, pick up toys, and "vacuum" the floor.

In case you missed it in my Insta Stories this past week, here's a little (about 5 minutes) house tour I put together. Everyone has been asking to see our new place and I finally realized there was no way that I was getting around to taking pictures any time soon. SO. Here you go.

After hearing everyone talking about it I started watching Ozark on Netflix. It's good! But also really dark, and intense. As soon as I'm done I'm going to have to find something light and funny to watch to balance things out again. lol

Adam's parents are coming today to spend the weekend and Adri's super excited about it (so are we, of course). They might even be here when Baby shows up!
We are planning a little Labor Day cookout here on Saturday, with them and my family. The weather is supposed to be perfect (yay!) and it'll be fun to have one last get-together/picnic here before we are busy parents of two.

Does anyone have plans for the long weekend? 


  1. Enjoyed the house tour! Your plants are beautiful and I like all the natural light you have!

    How wonderful having family stay the weekend and who knows, like you said they may be there for the arrival of baby #2!

    Hope you have a lovely day and weekend!

  2. I love your home! so charming and spacious.

  3. I've never commented before yet read your blog almost daily. Love the house tour... thank you! And to put voices to your faces too... amazing. However what I loved most was the lining up of the nail varnish... I'm a mum ( British living in the States) of 6 .. 1 boy and 5 girls. Just the word nail polish makes me nervous... carpet.. walls.. hair...and just recently.. ear covered in the stuff by our sweet 2 year old... have to smile really. Thinking of you the next few days and sending thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery x

  4. Hi Rosie,
    I'm glad to have a chance to write a few words before the baby shows up - I am sending good thoughts for a speedy and safe delivery. It's lovely when a new baby shows up in a family and the whole family "system" has to readjust, so I hope you'll all have an easy time settling in with the new baby.

  5. I just found your blog and I love your house and how you've fixed things! To move while pregnant is hard, so what an inspiration you are! I love your plants and books and little sweetie.


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