Is it already Friday?

Oh my, how is it that it's already the weekend? Time has been flying by (I'm still kinda in the "baby bubble" and haven't been paying much attention to the actual days).

We've had (surprise, surprise) a busy week around here. Things are sorta settling into a routine, which mainly involve lots of nursing and diaper changing lol. But still, any routine is a nice change from plain chaos.

Julia is coming up to visit for the weekend and I'm pretty excited about seeing her. Adam is going fishing tomorrow with a friend, so I think I'll take the girls and head over to my mom and dad's to see her and the rest of the gang for the day. 

Yesterday I took the girls and went to run some errands, and we stopped at the library to return stuff and pick up a stack of Winnie the Pooh movies we had waiting for us. Adri made a little friend there and it was so sweet. She was showing her all the toys and puzzles, and giving her a little tour of the library (it was the first time the family had been there) and it was adorable.

A bit of baby spam to brighten your day. Piper really is a dream baby. The happiest, easiest going, laid back little soul.

Okay, I'm off to take care of babies (and pump milk, if I'm just being totally honest here).

Have wonderful weekend!

p.s little stuffed elephant is in the Shop.