Feeling Fall {Piper's First Trip Outside}

Yesterday the weather was warm and sunny. After a week spent huddled up indoors we decided it was nice enough to take Piper for a short exploration of the yard. 

We have two large maples in the front yard and they give lots of shade from the sun. Plus, there's a ton of leaves on the ground now for Adri to play in.

We spread a big blanket out and Adri took off running while I nursed Piper and then let her nap for a bit.

Can we take a moment to talk about these new shoes? If you've been around the blog for any length of time you will know how much we love Freshly Picked Moccasins. I am a firm believer in having small children wear soft soled shoes, and these are perfect. They are made of 100% leather AND come in the cutest color patterns.

Look at all that sleeping sweetness! It still takes my breath away. I still can't believe she's finally here. 

Fall might not last long around these parts, but while it's here it sure is pretty! 

These adorable moccs arrived while I was in the hospital. Adri had helped me pick them out (she thought the clementines looked a bit like pumpkins) and that was the first thing she handed to me, after I got a huge hug, and said "here Mama, for Piper!". She was so excited that they had come in the mail and wanted to make sure her baby sister got them (forget about the fact that they won't fit Piper's tiny feet for another three months lol).

In all honesty, I really am so happy that she loves the baby so much. I was a bit worried about how things would go after Piper actually got here, but so far all she has is lots and lots of love for her. Kisses, hugs, help changing diapers, watching her, playing on the floor with her during tummy time. You name it, Adriana is there.

Hopefully the weather stays warm enough to do this again a few times before it's too chilly to take a newborn outside (don't laugh, it really does snow in October around here some years!).

Happy Tuesday! 

*many thanks to Freshly Picked for sponsoring this post*


  1. Beautiful pictures! Sisters! Enjoy the days, they fly by.

  2. What beautiful times you are having with your girls. We had a blanket like the one your Piper is swaddled in. We purchased it twelve years ago. It was called a Miracle Blanket and it had a little pouch and flaps. Maybe it wasn't the same blanket, but the color was the same.


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