Fall Bucket List 2017

Fall is here! Although now after it was super cold and dreary the weather has cleared up and this week has been in the 80's and beautiful outside. There are still leaves blowing off the trees though.
Since we have a newborn I'm sure we won't be doing a whole lot this Fall but we do have a few things on our bucket list that we do plan on accomplishing.

+ go apple picking. Adri's never gone and I'm sure she'd love it. 

+bake at least one pie. I'm not a huge fan of baking and I really don't like making pies, but Adam has requested an apple pie so I'll try to make at least one for him.

+make applesauce and can it.

+rake leaves and go jumping in them (for Adri).

+start Christmas shopping/making gifts. It's never to early to start-right?

+take family photos. Now that Piper's here we need those photos for cards and gifts.

+have our annual Halloween party (chili, scary movies, and trick or treating).

+take a family trip to Critz Farm. Cow train rides, apple cider, donuts, and pumpkins.

+make butternut squash soup.

+carve pumpkins.

+do a bit of Fall cleaning. I like to de-clutter, clean out, and prepare to be stuck in the house all winter before snow flies.

Like I said, not a whole lot, but enough to keep us busy.

Happy Thursday!


all photos from yesterday. sister sophia is here helping me out again for a couple days.


  1. Great list and sweet pics! I know you're glad for the help and company!Christina

  2. I love the rosebud onesie and Adri's dress and pantaloons. Such fun it must be dressing your girls.


  3. lovely photos..the girls are so adorable..


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