after the weekend: trip to the zoo, and farm adventures

We started our weekend out on Friday by celebrating Hobbit Day with mushroom pie and an evening stroll. Relaxing, peaceful, and the perfect end to a long week.
Adam worked a very long (9 hours) day on Saturday and while he was working the girls and I went with my dad and (not-so-little) sisters to the farm for some Fall fun. 
On Sunday we woke up, had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then took off to the zoo for the morning. It was super hot so we wanted to get there early before the heat and the crowds hit. It was a new (to us) zoo and now it's our favorite! There's lots of animals to pet, you can also feed them, and everything (even the bears, lions, tigers and such) are only a couple feet away. It was so much fun and Adriana had a blast. 
Piper was so good on both adventures, she just hid in the wrap and slept the whole time ;)

Today has been a super busy one, with lots of work, cleaning, laundry to wash (I swear it's never ending) and such, so I'm letting the pictures do all the talking for me. 

Happy Monday! 



  1. Adri (and her hair) are growing so fast. You look great. It inspires me that you're out and about doing your usual business. Chad and I were talking about how we might miss seeing you at Thanksgiving because we're going to be NJ. I can't wait till we do finally get together and are surrounded by our amazing families. I keep thinking about how Adam said he felt "a wrinkle in time" when Evelyn was conceived. HAHAHA. I told Chad Adam is pretty funny, I can see why they are such good friends. Taking care of things on the eastish segment of NY, till we meet again. Love Julie


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