after the weekend: the new normal

This past weekend was filled with (yup, you guessed) lots of baby snuggles. We took things easy, ate a lot of good food, watched wayyyy too much t.v (I finished watching Big Little Lies and it was really good!), and just hung out.

I also got around to transplanting some succulents and Adri gave me a hand. It's amazing how much of a helper she already is.

These mugs are one of our new thrifting finds.They are the perfect size to hold our morning coffee (and basically any drink in general). Who doesn't love a new mug?

Adam's done most of the cooking this past week (God bless him!) while I've been taking care of the wee ones. He's made so many delicious meals and it's been awesome.

Oh, you know, just throwing in a cute picture of my tiny ;) Also, world's. best. sleeper.

Adri is so in love with Piper but the transition to being an older sister (vs. an only child) has been a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. She has literally not left my side since I got home from the hospital last Tuesday. It's been really sweet, but also kinda hard to navigate seeing I also have another very tiny little person that needs my attention as well.

How is it that Piper is already a whole week old? She's doing so well. Eating like a little piggy, and sleeping like a champ.

So here's the new normal: lots of hugs from Adri Rose, lots of time spent holding (and nursing!) Piper, washing lots of laundry, reading lots of books, changing lots of diapers. 
Speaking of diapers. I'd also like to record here that yesterday morning I changed 5 diapers before 9am. That right there pretty much sums up my life right now. 

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. The food looks delicious, and the plate it is on is pretty! How nice of him to cook and let you care for the babies. I can't stop visiting your blog. I love seeing the baby pictures and pictures of your big girl.

  2. hi annie. dying to talk on the phone, very busy and overwhelmed though as i'm sure you are too. i am proud of you and your family. i am happy to see piper's first trip outdoors. cute. the first of many! how special that is. glad to hear you have a little mother hen on your hands. i suppose you're settling into a routine w the girls. can't wait to hear about how you multitask and make it work. i am glad you have a lot of baby and kid experience. invaluable, huh? love you girl. can't wait to trade babies with you, next time i see you. love , julie.


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