10 Easy Ways To Keep Todders Busy {Indoors}

Keeping toddlers busy is hard work (at least keeping mine is) and if we can't spend time outside I'm often left at a loss at how to keep Adri Rose occupied. However, I like to think that I'm finally getting better at thinking up toddler friendly indoor activities. 
I've made a little list here of ten things we do to stay busy when it's cold or rainy outside, I'm nursing Piper, or I'm working.

ONE: Puzzles. We have some puzzles, and Adri loves them, but I also have a ton of puzzles downloaded on my tablet and she uses that all the time. She's getting pretty good at doing them too!

TWO: Reading. We read all the time. If you don't have a lot of books in your own home library than go get a library card and use it. Adri and I literally sit for hours and read together.

THREE: Painting project. This is an easy one. You simply throw some paint on paper (thick water color paper works best, but I just used some paper plates from the cupboard), slide into ziplock bags, and let them smear it all around. When they are done pull out and let dry completely. Ta-da! Zero mess.

FOUR: Tubtime. Baths are a never fail around here. We fill up the tub with lots of bubbles, a bunch of toys (I let her take stuffed animals in the tub) and she can easily spend hours in there. As the water cools we just add more hot water.

FIVE: Hanging laundry. Adri loves to help hang up the laundry on the drying racks, but she also loves to take it down. I'll ask her to help and it can keep her busy for a good long time. Plus I only have about half the work to do (she can reach all the bottom racks)!

SIX: Water play. If I'm busy in the kitchen I'll turn the water on in the sink, pull up an chair, and let Adri splash away. This keeps her not only occupied, but also where I can see her.

SEVEN: Help with cooking/baking. Adri loves to bake. I often will decide to bake something just so she can help me. She's able to pour, mix, and drop cookies, or fill muffin cups.

EIGHT: Cleaning. It doesn't have to be all play. Adri is expected to put her books back on the shelf, pick up stuffed animals, put toys in baskets, "helps" me vacuum (with her play vacuum cleaner) and sweeps the floors.

NINE: Drawing. I'd say Adri spends at least one solid hour a day drawing. She has colored pencils, washable markers, and lots of paper and coloring books. She also has a chalk board in the living room and draws on that a lot.

TEN: Play with toys. We have three big baskets in the living room. One with wooden blocks and road building stuff, one of plastic animals, and one of random plastic toys. I'll help Adri get started and we'll build a road and a tower, and then she goes from there and sets all the animals up. Hours of play right there.

What are some ways that you keep your littles busy? I'd love to hear more ideas! 


  1. You are such a good mom! Thoes are really great ideas! I know that was a hard thing for me to figure out when my kids were small. But it seems like you've got it down pat!
    Ps. I quit Instagram for personal reasons. I followed you. It wasn't you. I enjoyed looking and I still do. I just donthave one or privacy reasons. 💗


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