Wrinkle Free

Let me just start with saying, I'm really not a huge fan of ironing. In fact, I've pretty much gotten rid of any and everything in my closet that has to be ironed (or I just wear it anyway, despite the wrinkles). Funny side note. My mom loves to iron clothes. As much as I'm like her I am also so NOT like her. And my hatred of ironing and her love of it are once again proof of one of the ways we strongly differ from one another. Okay. End of rabbit trail.

 However, all that said, every once in a while something does come up that needs to be ironed (sometimes it's clothing, but more likely it's Shop stuff) and in that case I like to be prepared. 

Enter Niagara Starch Spray. You guys. I never thought I'd actually use this, but it's total magic. Keeps the winkles from coming back, and it even smells good.  Easy to use too. Just spray on your fabric and iron as usual.  I think one of the best features is that it doesn't make your clothing stiff-just keeps it nice and smooth.

Find Niagara Starch Spray here.

A little before and after: top fabric is before, and the bottom is after. See? And as I keep saying, the best part is that it stays that way

**Thank-you to Influenster for sponsoring this post. I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review. As always though all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.