Where's My Popcorn?

My two year old is a super restless sleeper. She flops and turns all night but the worst part is that she talks, yells, and has conversations in her sleep. Last night, while she was sleeping next to me (that's a whole 'nother story) she randomly yelled out, "Where's Anju?" (her auntie),  "NO Mimosa. Leave me alone!" (one of her other aunties), and "Where's MY popcorn?!" about a hundred times. lol
Yup. Never a dull moment around here. Even if she's sleeping my toddler is still keeping me on my toes. 

Okay. Moving on.

The weekend is here and I am more than ready for it. The most exciting news is that sister Julia is up visiting from Connecticut for a couple days, so I'm sure we'll be hanging out a lot. I've really been missing her since she moved. It's just not the same now that's she's over 5 hours away. 

Besides hanging out with the sis we plan on harvesting a bunch of our green tomatoes and making salsa and relish this weekend. A pretty big undertaking but I'm sure we'll appreciate both come fall and winter.

Adam is going over to a buddy's house on Saturday afternoon to work on the car. It needs a tune-up and some new gasket thingy (don't ask me car repair questions).

At some point over the weekend my mom, Julia, and I are going to go see this. I seriously can. not. wait. I'm SO super excited about it. Has anyone else read the book? Are you going to see the movie? 

Since I went shopping yesterday we don't have a whole lot planned for today. Maybe a long nap, grilling out for dinner tonight, and not much else? Sounds perfect to me. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

All photos are from our visit to the farm last Friday.

We went to visit my friend Alyson at the farm she works at last Friday. It's pretty much Adri's favorite place in the while wide world. She really loves going there (total understatement).

Waiting for a ride in the 'gator up to the calf barn.

So many calves and kittens.

The view looking out from the barn is such a pretty one. I'm regretting I didn't get a better picture, because it's at the top of a hill and the view is pretty spectacular.


  1. Your time is really getting close Rosie. Getting so excited for you guys. Have a fun weekend. Always love your writing.

  2. Rob used to talk in his sleep all the time. One time in particular, he sat straight up and mumbled something, then said "yeah, yeah and the fluffy bunnies." Then he laid back down sound asleep. Every once in a while I remind him of this.


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