Keeping Busy

Any day now we have a new little member joining the family. It's going to be a big change for us. Not only having another tiny baby again (although that will be a bit of an adjustment) but going from just the three of us to now the FOUR of us. I'm still wrapping my mind around that. 

There are going to be two little faces to kiss, two small bodies to cuddle, two midgets to toss in the tub. Everything, literally everything, is going to multiple by two. And as excited as I am for that, it's also still sinking in.

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Everyone was right. The second pregnancy does go by way faster. Not any easier, but faster, yes. Somehow before you know it nine months have flown by and the due date is only a matter of days away. 

Adri Rose and I have been really making the most of these past few days. We've been spending lots of time outside, reading big stacks of books, long soaks in the tub, and cuddling in bed for a while before getting up. 

It's a special time. Filled with lots anticipation, keeping busy, and (the hard part) waiting. 


  1. Oh, the waiting... There's much excitement, anticipation and some nervousness too, as the precious leap from one to two children is on the horizon.

    My first and second child are four years apart. When my second child was a week old and had a doctor's appointment, trying to get all three of us ready and there on time, had me frazzled and feeling like quite inadequate! Now many children later, I look back and have a good laugh about it.. :)

    You'll be a wonderful mother of two! Looking forward to hearing about the wee little ones arrival!

    Take care and I hope you have a healthy delivery and baby when that exciting time arrives for you!

  2. Praying for a safe and quick delivery!

    God Bless you, friend!


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