Ten Friday Favorites

One: our garden harvest. The potatoes have been so delicious and that cauliflower was the best.

Two: I made banana pancakes for the firs time yesterday and they are SO good. Not quite sure why I haven't made them before this? So easy too! Only 2 eggs+1 mashed banana.

Three: fresh tomato salsa. I could eat this all day every day. It's tastes just like summer in a jar. 

Four: cobbler. The easiest, quickest, and most delicious dessert. It's been way too long since I made it and I had really forgotten what a huge hit it is.

Five: pizza. I could eat pizza every day when I'm pregnant.

Six: all the sisters. I love this picture. The first time in years that we have a photo of us all together.

Seven: that 39 week bump. I had my doctors's appointment yesterday. The belly is big (obviously) and now we only have one week left until due date! 

Eight: time for true confessions. I finally broke down and bought a pumpkin candle. I really couldn't help  myself. It smelled SO good. It was chilly last night, so I lit the candle and made a mug of apple spice tea. It felt like fall, and it was crazy, and also not totally a bad thing ;)

Nine: that sweet little soul, with her faithful kitty. A long nap after a busy day of running errands.

Ten: that little fat face. She's the sweetest, most stubborn, funny, goofy, adorable thing I know.

Have a wonderful weekend! Our plans include work for Adam (on Saturday), fixing the car brakes, making lots of salsa, and taking things easy. 


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