after the weekend:

Friday evening the four youngest siblings came over to hanging out and spend the night (one of the wonderful perks of having a huge house!).  We watched a movie, ate popcorn, and had a blast.
On Saturday Adam was up super early (2:30am) to be to work by 4:00am. Overtime is fun, but the lack of sleep is not.

We all slept in (except for Adri, of course) and then made a big waffle, sausage, and egg breakfast. 
The rest of the day we spent black berry picking, making smoothies, working on the car (for the guys), and a long nap (for me. Thanks to sweet sisters that watch my child!).

Every time I have candles lit on the table Adri starts yelling, "birthday!". She's remembering blowing out birthday candles. So stinkin' cute. 

We hardly ever get donuts so they are a pretty big deal around here. Adri's favorite flavor is chocolate (chocolate anything) and of course she picked a double chocolate donut. Way to start the morning, girl.

Now it's Monday. My house is currently clean, but my child is still in p.j.s. So I guess I'm about half-way to a successful morning. Oh, well, is what it is.
When Adam get home I have to take Adri and head to the auto shop to get the car breaks fixed. The guys tried to do it on Saturday, but didn't have the correct tools to take the wheels off and they ended up having to stop and wait 'til we could take it somewhere. Why do the back breaks have to be so much more harder to replace vs. the front ones? Grrr.

It's still a bit chilly out today. Definitely feeling like Fall these past few days. I'm sure we'll still have another warm week or two here before it gets cold for good though. Everyone is talking about wanting cooler weather and I'm over here screaming "NOOOOOOO!". lol

I'm off to answer emails, drink a second cup of coffee, and read to Adri until naptime.

Have a wonderful Monday!