After the weekend: Wolf Mountain

This past weekend flew by! After work on Saturday we ended up just hanging out and taking things easy. My dad and little sisters stopped by and took Adri blueberry picking with them for a little while and she (of course) had a blast. 

On Sunday we woke up, had leftover blueberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast, and then headed to Wolf Mountain. Adriana loved seeing the wolves and kept calling them "doggies" or "baby wolves" (there were no baby wolves, she's just going through the everything-is-small-and-tiny-phase).

There were also Arctic Foxes and that was Adam's favorite part. They had shed most of their coats and it was weird not seeing them fluffy and white. 

Oh, and there were the tee-pees that Adri just to go into and explore (volunteers use them to sleep in when they are visiting for longer than just the day).

Now it's Monday. Back to work, dishes, and the never-ending laundry. 
The (not-so) little sisters are coming over to hang out tomorrow for the afternoon with us. Adri loves her aunties so much and often asks where they are and what they are doing. She also requests that she make phone calls to talk to them every once in a while. Super cute. 

Okay, now on to the pictures. Have wonderful Monday! 

p.s stay tuned for a bunch of posts this week. a product review, day in the life post, and more! 

Annnd, we end with the best we can do these days for a family picture. Adri was having fun, I promise. It was windy and the sun was in her face, that's all ;)


  1. so cute..glad you all had a nice weekend

  2. It's great ya'll have so much fun as a family. Love seeing all the pictures and reading about your day. Hugs Rosie!!


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