after the weekend: new phone, hiking, and more berry pickin'

It seems these past few weekends have been busy ones, no matter how little we have planned.
My phone had been having trouble charging all week and finally on Saturday it stopped charging altogether. After work I went to the Verizon store and found out (to my great dismay) that the charging port was broken. Oh, well, it was about time for an upgrade anyway. Now, I've been playing around with my new phone all weekend and getting acquainted with it. 

Sunday afternoon the younger sisters came over and we took a nice long hike on a section of the Finger Lakes trail that's near our house. Once we got home most of us went up to pick blackberries and after we made a cobbler (recipe here). 

Sunday (and Saturday mornings that I don't work) we sleep late, snuggle in bed, stay in our p.js, watch cartoons, and have waffles or pancakes for breakfast. Always with sausage and eggs.

I made this new recipe on Friday night for dinner. SO delicious. It's the perfect Fall stew (not that I'm in any hurry to have Summer over).

Today I'm rushing around to clean up the house and get some laundry washed. This afternoon we (Adam is getting work off early) are heading to the Nature Center to view the Solar Eclipse. Our library is co-hosting a whole event there. 

How about you guys? Anyone watching the eclipse? Be sure to wear the right glasses to guard your eyes! 


  1. We are lucky to be in the path of totality. Actually, I just came back in from viewing it. It is something I will nevernforget.

  2. Glad you are getting used to your new phone. Love all your pictures. Sure getting excited for you all. Hugs and blessings dear lady.

  3. I noticed the stacked stones in the creek -- we have a creek on our property and occasionally find a stack of stones in it. Interestingly, the stacks are always in an area that is rather difficult to reach, unless you've entered the creek elsewhere and walked to that spot. We have been curious about the stacks (as well as who might be building them) and wonder if there is some significance to them. Do you know? Thanks! Ann


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