after the weekend: berry picking, sisters visiting, and relish making

What a weekend! Basically the past three days we five sisters have hung out together. Saturday we went shopping (see below), Sunday Adam and I made our green tomato relish, and then later in the day the sisters and brother Oliver came over. We grilled burgers, went up the hill to pick black berries, and then the sisters stayed to watch the Hunger Games (first and second) and slept over for the night. 
Now everyone's gone, Adri's napping, the house is quiet, I'm drinking a second cup of coffee and finally getting around to posting this. 

A sink full of tomatoes ready to turn into relish. This was on the list of things I really wanted to get done before the baby arrives and we did it! I posted pictures of the process in my Insta stories and had so many of you ask for the recipe. You can find it here.

Saturday was gloomy, but Sunday was hot and sunny. A favorite activity of Adri's is filling the pool with water. She usually gets more outside the pool than in it, if course.

Of course when we were out shopping we had to stop at Taco Bell for lunch. It's probably a good thing that the nearest one is almost 30 minutes away. I'd be eating there every day if I could.

Thrifting finds. I love that big Lands End sweater that I found, and aren't both those pairs of shoes the cutest? 

We went berry picking up on the hill behind our house Sunday night. Adri found a pine tree that she loves so it looks like that's going to be our Christmas Tree this year.

One of the best parts about summertime is fresh tomato pasta sauce. So easy to make.  Just tomatoes, basil, garlic, lots of olive oil, salt and pepper. And the longer it sits in the fridge the better it tastes. So delicious. I've been eating it every day.

Friday night dinner. We usually make pizza for Friday night and watch a movie, but this time everyone (mainly the nine months pregnant lady) was in the mood for Chinese, so that's what we decided on.

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend!Christina

    1. Christina, yes, it was a really good one! ox

  2. Remind me again your sisters names and ages? I used to read your mom's blog when one of the girls was a baby-I can't believe how old they are now! Joanna in Ca.

    1. Hi Joanna! From left to right it's: Sophia-15(holding Adriana), Julia-25, Anjuli-11, Mimosa-13, and me :)

  3. wow! the years have flown by! :)


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