A Day In The Life: Busy About Town

It's another Day In The Life post. Although, this time I thought I do things a little differently and give you a glimpse of what a not-so-typical day looks like around here. This was our day, last Friday. Super busy, but super also fun.
Be forewarned, this is a long post with tons of pictures.

4:30am: Adam wakes me up since I need to drive him to work for the day so that I can have the car (the truck needs some work done so we haven't been driving it). I get dressed, make coffee for both of us, and pack his lunch.

5:00am: I wake Adri, pop her in the car, we go drop Adam off, and then head back home. It's a 25 minute drive there, so the round trip takes about an hour total.

Breakfast every day is some form of eggs. Can't do without my eggs :)

6:00am: Back home, I get Adri settled with a cup of milk and a snack, grab another cup of coffee for myself, and get about an hour of work done on the computer.

Everything ready for our trip. Books to return, water bottles, diaper bag/purse, and my camera.

7:00am: I make breakfast for both of us, clean the house, gather up what we need for the day (purse, books to return to the library, list, water for both of us, etc.), and get us both dressed to leave.

8:30am: We head out the door on our way to to work for my staff meeting. We make one stop on the way so I can clean and vacuum out the car (it's on my to-do list and I'd like to get it crossed off first thing).

At the staff meeting my dear co-workers gave me a bunch of gifts. Since they (rightly) figured that I had more than enough stuff for soon-to-arrive baby girl they gave me a ton of stuff just for me (kinda the best type of gifts, am I right?).

10:00am: Staff Meeting over we head off to the Auto Parts store to get some stuff for Adam to work on the truck over the weekend. We also stop at the Dollar General to grab a few things since I didn't make it there on shopping day and also stop to return recyclables.

Adri loves visiting the farm and has to pet all the cow and kitties. 

11:30am: All done with errands we drive up to hill to visit my friend Alyson at the farm she works at. I met Alyson when I moved back to New York (after living in Vermont) and started working at the dairy farm where she also worked. We totally hit it off and swiftly became besties. Adri loves to go visit her at work because she get to ride in the Gator and see all the cows and kitties.
We stay for about an hour or so and hang out in the nice cool barn while Adriana runs wild chasing the cats and trying to feed to "baby cows".

1:00pm: We get back home and Adri is passed out sleeping. Rather than wake her I leave all the car doors open and let her keep sleeping. I do some more work (answering emails and making calls).
Then we leave again and head to a small town about 15 minutes from us. We get to the playground, I wake Adri and we hang out there and wait for Adam (a friend is dropping him off there so we don't have to drive all the way to pick him up from work).

This water table is the best ever. It keeps Adri occupied for literally hours! 

Dinner: steak, salad, and grilled veggies.

3:00pm: We all arrive home. It poured rain while we driving back but now the sun is out again. Adam cleans the grill and starts cooking a steak, Adri plays in her pool, and I sit and talk with Adam about how our days went.
We eat dinner, and I clean up. Almost immediately another storm hits and there's lots of lightening and thunder and the power goes out.

So. Much. Rain. 

5:00pm: Adri and I read stories and build a road.  Adam goes to stand on the porch and watch the rain pouring down.

Bubble baths are the best baths ;)

6:30pm: The power comes back on (it never stays off for long), I take Adri up with me so we can take a bath, and Adam goes to play video games.
After bathtime we hang out upstairs and watch old movies of Adri when she was a tiny baby. She loves seeing herself and keeps yelling "It's Adri!".

8:00pm: It's now bedtime for Adri so I take her down to nurse to sleep. She falls asleep really fast and is out in about 20 minutes. I put her in her bed and go to hang out with Adam.
Since I've been up since 4:30am I'm pretty tired (and also have to work the next day) I head to bed around 9:30pm.

And that's it! That's what one of our super busy running-errands days look like. 

If any of you have any sort of day-in-the-life posts please leave a link, because I'd love to read them. Or, even just leave a comment and share a bit about what a day looks like in your world.


  1. You had a busy, productive and fun day!

    Thinking of you, and will be praying for a safe delivery of your new baby girl!

  2. How sweet for your co workers to do that! Christina


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