38 Weeks

Eeeeek, this might be the last bumpdate before baby arrives! So exciting, but also a bit terrifying. You guys, we are going to be a family of FOUR. When did that happen?
Seriously though. I am ready for baby to be out. The last four weeks are always the hardest with pregnancy. I'm tired, hot, swollen, and ready to meet our little one. Not to mention she is soooo active, and her kicks hurt. I'm kinda shocked that she hasn't broken one of my ribs yet.

How far along: 38 weeks.

Size of baby: hmmm, something like a medium size pumpkin? This babe is a tiny little thing.

Sleep: sleep? what is sleep? Tossing, turning, and oh, so uncomfortable. Not kidding here. I make Adam sleep in the guest room most nights and hog the entire king size bed. No, I'm not selfish...I'm pregnant. lol

Cravings: food, food, food. and water. Gimme allll the water. Iced, lemon, it doesn't matter. Summer pregnancy is no joke.

Clothing: I'm down to about four outfits and they are all dresses. Oh, and one maxi skirt. Anything loose, flowy, and non-restricting.

Baby movement: such a busy little one. She moves the most when Adam or Adri talk to her. But even when they are not she's SO active. Kick, kick, move, bump, flip, etc. It's like I have a little wild thing (wildling?) in there.

Best moment this week: while at the doctor's office the other day everyone kept asking Adri if she was going to be a big sister. She'd smile, point to my stomach and say (in a super tiny baby voice) "Awwww, ----'s in there" in the sweetest little way. She wanted everyone to know that she has a baby sister waiting to come out.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. So sweet! She'll be here before you know it!Christina

  2. It won't be long! I had two summer babies one born in July and one in August. The heat wears you out! Try to rest, submerge in a pool, and keep drinking your water!


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