10 Things I'm Loving

One| those happy plants on our back porch. I had a big beautiful rosemary plant before but it died. I found those two on the side of the road for free! 

Two| my sunny kitchen, and the big window in it.

Three| that happy little face right there.

Four| tiny baby clothes and baby things. It means the new little family member is going to be here so soon.

Five| healthy almost-37-week-bumps.

Six| picnic lunches outdoors.

Seven| building roads and block towers with my fav pal.

Eight| naps with that same pal. Enjoying these last few days of just the two of us.

Nine| garden harvests for dinner. Above is green beans and orange chicken.

Ten| another day, another meal. Feasting on our new potatoes.


  1. All good things! Prayers for a great delivery and that you will be able to rest!


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