Our Daily/Weekly Routine: Updated

Since life is always changing, I thought I'd write out a little updated "Our Daily/Weekly Routine". It's one of the questions that I get asked about the most here on the blog and Instagram. Basically, "what does daily life look like?". I do have plans for writing an new Day In The Life post, but for now here's this.


Monday: deep cleaning the house (downstairs), watering plants, checking plans for the week, marking the bills that need to get paid.

Tuesday: laundry, cleaning the upstairs, and changing sheets.

Wednesday: cleaning off the porches, grocery list making, and any extra cleaning stuff.

Thursday: errand day. doctor appointments, shopping, anything that we need to do in town. Plus, playing bills.

Friday: taking things easy. cleaning the yard, washing more laundry. Oh, and usually pizza and a movie.

Saturday: it's pretty rare for both Adam and I to both have Saturday off. If we do it's a family day and we try to go out and do something if the weather is nice. It's also the day we clean the yard, cut the grass, and take garbage to the dump.

Sunday: it all depends on the weather. Hanging out, grilling, maybe seeing the family, etc.


Watering plants.
Cleaning the house (this takes about an hour to an hour and a half total).
Planning dinner (I pull any meat out to thaw either the night before or in the morning).
Reading/playing with the toddler.

Basic daily schedule.


Adam leaves for work early (he starts work at 5:30am). Adri and I wake any time between 7am and 8am (depending on when she fell asleep).
I make coffee. Adri eat cheerios and drinks some milk.
I check emails, and go over a few things while drinking my coffee to wake up.
Breakfast time. It's always some sort of eggs.
Adri is allowed to watch a show and I answer emails (I work part time for an online company doing customer rep stuff).


We turn off the t.v and the house gets cleaned.
Naptime for Adri. I either do more work, blog, read, or take a nap too.
If it's nice out we go outside in the afternoon. If not, we read and build roads and towers.
Around 2pm I start dinner (we eat early).
Adam comes home and we all hang out, go outside to check the garden, and eat dinner.


I leave for work at 4:30pm (Monday through Wednesday).
While I'm at work Adam takes Adri outside to play, she has her bath and is ready for bed when I get home.
Once home I put Adri to bed, Adam and I visit while she's falling asleep, then we all head to bed (unless Adri had a late nap and is wide awake. In that case Adam goes to bed and Adri and I stay up).

There it is! How our week goes, for the most part. A lot of the time things go differently than planned, but this is roughly how our days and weeks go.


  1. Rosie....love reading about your daily routine. I hope summer weather will stay around much longer for you. Sending love your way,


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