Life, lately

Reading: this book. Because when you're eight months pregnant that's kinda the right time to.

Listening: to this here. 

Cooking: sausage and peppers for dinner tonight. I have some broccoli cheddar rice that I think I'll make to go with them. 

Planning: our trip to New England on Thursday. I'm taking Adri and heading down for a few days. it's going to be my last "big" trip before the new baby arrives.

Goals for the day: answer emails, clean the bathrooms, and the usual morning cleaning.

Outside: it's  warm and sunny. After I get done here we'll probably go out to explore the yard, and check on the garden.

Wearing: comfy clothes right now. My wardrobe is rather limited at this point (thanks, pregnancy!). a few nice outfits and then the rest of my stuff is all shorts and yoga pants. 

Loving: that the weather has been so warm lately. Hot summer days are the best. 

Feeling: allllll the feels right now #pregnancyhormones. I can't seem to stop them. One day I'm super happy and full energy and the next I'm sobbing over running out of coffee creamer. Somebody come save me, please. 

Wanting: these shoes. They look so comfy, and I love the color.