highlights from our trip

After a busy last few days we are home again! We had such a wonderful time. On Thursday I packed up the car and then sister Sophia (she went with us), Adriana, and I all took off for New England. Adam had work, so he stayed at home.

We spent the last few days soaking up the sun (it was H O T), eating, thrifting (I found some super nice baskets for baby clothes!), and exploring all the places we used to hang out. 

Oh, and visiting with family and friends, of course. That was the best. We saw brother James' new place, and spent time with him and his sweetheart, Mandi. Saw a couple dear friends, and got to see the rest of the siblings that live down there now.

 We went to the beach both Thursday and Friday. The water was warm, and Adri had a blast playing in the sand.

I made a sand cake (instead of castle) for her. She added stick "candles" and then kept blowing them out.

On Friday night we went out for dinner with a bunch of the siblings and friends. It was a pizza place we went to growing up where there is the best scallop and bacon pizza.

My little fry lover had to get fries, of course. I'm pretty sure that in the last few days she's had enough fries and ice cream to last her a lifetime.

So much iced coffee, and lemon water. It was in the 90s the whole time and we spent a lot of time thinking of ways to cool off. Plus, when I'm pregnant the only thing I want are cold drinks all the time.

I bought seafood (scallops, squid, stuffed clams) on Saturday night and froze it. When we left on Sunday I packed it in ice and it made it back to New York safely. I had to clean two pounds of squid, but it made the best calamari ever. And so much of it--we still have leftovers!

Now we're home again and getting settled back in. Adri is trying to skip her nap and I'm trying not to let her (#grumpychild). I've watered all the plants, and the packing is all put away. Now for a bit of a rest before work tonight.

Happy Monday!


  1. Looks wonderful! More great memories!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! Now I need to take one for my family...asap!
    By the way, what kind of coffee do you use to make your iced coffee? Thanks!

    1. lol. I love taking trips, but I also LOVE to come home. I'm a huge homebody.
      I actually am not a picky coffee drinker. I usually just buy the big containers frmm Aldi ;)


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