after the weekend: Open Farm Day

Summer is here and we are making the most of it (before the snow flies again)! We had another busy busy weekend.
On Saturday my mom and dad, littlest sister, Adri, and I all went out for Open Farm Day. It's basically a bunch of farms in the area (I think they had about 35 this year) that have an open house. You can go and visit, pet the animals, tour the barns, and sample products. It was my first year going (their second) and it was so much fun. Adri LOVED it. She pet all the animals and has been saying "baby goatsssss" with a huge smile since we went.

We visited a Morgan horse farm and that may have been my favorite. There were a couple beautiful stallions there. Oh, and a cute little pup that Adri made friends with.

Sunday we went blueberry picking, went to the nature center for a walk (more pictures of all that coming later this week), organized and folded baby clothes (me), made mac and cheese (Adam), watched Maleficent (all of us) and ended the day with a stroll though the old (empty) prison across the street from us.

A busy weekend, but a lovely one.

Now it's Monday and I've got work, and a house to clean. I think we're planning on having steak for dinner, but that means I have to go marinate it.
Adriana was teething last night. She woke up at 12:45 am and then didn't go back to sleep until 5:30 am (she woke again for the day at 8:00 am). So I'm basically running on coffee and not much else today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she naps and I manage to catch a bit of sleep at the same time. We shall see.

Here's to coffee, more coffee, and a Happy Monday!


  1. Yes, been there with a teething tot while pregnant. My little one year was teething badly right up several weeks before I gave birth. It was so tough! I feel you! But these phases are short. Love the pictures of farm! Wish there were farms nearby here so I could take my kids there!


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