after the weekend: hiking, book sales, and taking things easy

Our weekend is over, and it was a fun one.
Work (for me) on Saturday, library book sale, and family coming over later in the day for a cookout.
Sunday we slept in late, Adri helped me make muffins for breakfast (she loves helping me bake), and Adam cut the grass. Then we sent the Midget off to Wesleytown to hang out with her aunties, Adam and I went hiking, and took a drive to explore the area. Once Adri was home Adam made tacos for dinner, we went out back and picked raspberries, Adri took a bath and then we settled in to eat popcorn and watch the season premiere of Game Of Thrones (so good!).

Just a laid back Sunday. Perfect weather, and nothing planned. I'm really enjoying these last few weeks because pretty soon we'll have a new little family member here and I know that things will pretty much stop for the next month or so.

Today I'm quickly finishing up some work and then we are headed down to town to grab some stuff at the auto parts store and go to the bank.

It hot and humid here again this morning, but we are supposed to get some rain and that may cool things off a bit. I love the heat, but the humidity not quite as much.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Looks wonderful! Adri is getting so big! Beautiful table! Great that yall had some time alone. How nice! Christina

    1. I know! She is getting so big, and every day she's saying more and more words.

  2. she is getting so big..seems like yesterday she was born..
    cute little dog...
    precious days..

    1. Lulu, you are right, it seems like yesterday to me too! I can't believe we have another one on the way in just a few weeks.


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