plans for the weekend

Hey all! It's pouring rain outside-the first rain we've had all week. With all the rain we've had the past few months I think that's a record.  
Tomorrow we are heading up to see Adam's parents for the day and pick up our new (to us) truck. We finally got around to buying a second vehicle! Being way out in the country and only having the one car was getting a little too difficult. It'll be nice to have a car during the day while Adam is at work now! 

Sunday we are planning on taking things easy and relaxing. It will be the first day in a while that we haven't had something going on, and we're looking forward to it.

Yesterday I was out running errands the whole day with my pal. I had my 29 week pregnancy check up and things look good. The baby is growing and moving like crazy (she's about the size of a butternut squash). I can't believe we've only got 11 weeks left now! 

Adriana loves puzzles. While we were waiting at the doctor's office  she got two of them out and started to put both together at the same time. Too cute! 

This past week was hot one, and I sure did love it! Of course it meant that I drank tons of liquids. Lemonade, lemon water, juice, and iced coffee. Gotta stay hydrated, right?

A few things of note: 

+Right now the little sisters are here, playing with Adri. I'm taking the time to answer emails and get work done so I'm ready for the weekend. 
+Dinner tonight is marinate steaks on the grill, coleslaw, and grilled veggies. 
+I have a new book that I've started, called Serena (I guess it's a movie that has Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in it?)
+My house is messy and I need to go clean it. 
+There is mail in the mailbox and I should really go brave the rain and check it. 

Have wonderful weekend!