Father's Day Weekend


What a weekend! On Saturday we got up early and drove the three and a half hour drive to see Adam's parents and pick up the truck. It was such a nice day; warm weather, sunshine, delicious food, and seeing family.
We drove home the same day, and made it back around 6:00 ish. Just in time to make some dinner and watch a movie.

Sunday morning Adri was up at the crack of dawn, She and I hung out, while I drank coffee. We made Adam a Father's Day breakfast (Adri insisted on giving him her favorite foods-sausage and eggs) and we brought it to him in bed. He ate some and then promptly fell back to sleep for another two hours!

We spent the afternoon grilling kabobs, working in the yard, planting some more tomato plants, and eating ice cream. It was super muggy and hot (90 degrees) and as much as I was loving it I'm sorry to say I was a bit of a pregnant grump. Poor Adam had to put up with a hot and miserable pregnant woman (insert eye roll). We still had a great day though.

So now, today. Currently my child is sitting watching nursery rhymes, in just her diaper (it's hot again today). She has her two year molars coming in and has been a sorry mess lately. We've been eating lots of cold foods, and taking Tylenol when needed.
The dishes are still waiting to be washed, and I have a pile of laundry to fold. Oh, and the floor is covered with cheerios and cookie crumbs. Just being totally honest here, folks ;)

Happy Monday!

all photos above taken Saturday evening.


  1. Love how you keep it real with us Rosie.
    Hope Adri will feel better soon with her molars coming in....bless her heart.
    I know ya'll will enjoy your second vehicle.
    Sending hugs your way,

  2. It's still lovely! baby will be here before you know it!


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