May Morning

Last night we had a tornado warning, and it poured outside. We lost power for a few minutes and then the internet went out for the rest of the night. Today though there is no rain (it is supposed to rain later though), just lots of clouds. A sleepy Tuesday.

We've been up for hours. Adri's new schedule of rising at 6:30 am on the dot it just a tiny bit trying. We are both morning people, but I really wouldn't mind just an hour or so more of sleep. Oh, well, that's why there's coffee, right?

So far I've washed laundry and hung it up, sent emails, washed dishes, read books with Posie, and made phone calls. It's amazing how much can be done in just a few productive hours, isn't it? 
It does help that Adri's been watching a Winnie the Pooh movie (she's allowed to watch something when I'm working) and it's had her occupied for the past 30 minutes. 

I was thinking that if the rain stayed away we would take a walk this morning, but I only just now remembered that we left the jogger in the trunk of the car, and that's at work with Adam. So, no walk. I guess a stroll around the yard will have to do.
It's so adorable watching Adri play outside. She loves to pick flowers, stomp in the mud puddles and climb the hill in the back. Watching wee ones explore nature is one of the best things about parenting. At least I think so.

Things are cozy in here right now. I'm sipping coffee as I type, a pine scented candle is burning on the stove, and the Bound To You station is playing on Pandora. Since I'm sure the peacefulness will not last long I'm savoring it for these few quiet minutes. And then it's back to housework (the upstairs still needs cleaning), planning dinner, watering plants, and writing emails.

Happy Tuesday, and Happy May!

p.s thank-you for all your sweet comments on the last post. I loved reading each and every one of them :)

photos: Libby G. Photography.


  1. I very much agree with you Rosie....God's creation is amazing and watching our children love and enjoy it, brings much joy.
    Love your warm and cozy post this morning- it made my day.


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