Five Favorties

One| those buttercups. Adri's been picking and bringing me flowers for weeks now and it's basically the most adorable thing in the whole wide world. 

Two| the sweet little face. She's been hooked on cookies lately and she's always begging us for them. Adam's a softy and gives in more often than not.

Three| we have two huge white lilac bushes outside the front door. It took them forever to bloom but now they finally have!

Four| my sunny kitchen it probably my favorite room in the house (definitely the one I spend the most time in).  After living in two apartments with kitchens that didn't any natural light our big and sunny kitchen is the best ever.

Five| my strawberries plants now have strawberries on them! I'm debating leaving them in the pot or planting them somewhere in the yard.

Happy Thursday--the weekend is almost here!


  1. Posie is too cute! Can't wait for her to meet Evie! I can't believe we both have daughters now! This is awesome


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