Feels Like Summer

These past few days have been glorious ones. The weather has been warm and it feels like SUMMER. We've been eating ice cream and popsicles, and spending all day every day outside soaking up the sunshine. 
We've had all the windows opened, letting the house air out and the sun in. I've gotten a bunch of deep cleaning done and it feels so good.
Adam has been home this entire past week, due to a super bad toothache. Today he's finally feeling better and is out cutting the grass and doing some yard work. 
I'm answering emails and drinking coffee, but as soon as I'm done Adri and I are heading outside to join Adam and plant some flowers. 

We don't really have anything planned for the weekend. I have work Saturday morning, and we are going to try to get the garden beds ready for planting. Since Stan Lee and Julia are now in New England, and my parents and the four youngest are all on vacation, it's just Adam, Adri and I in New York this weekend. It feels just a bit strange to not have any of the family around. I'm sure we'll survive though ;) 

Have a lovely weekend! 



  1. Adri is so cute!

    Did Julia and Stan Lee move to New England?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful!!! Yea! Love summer! I'm enjoying your blog so much!


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