after the weekend: Mother's Day Weekend 2017

We had a lovely weekend. As usual it flew by and it's already Monday (what?) and a new week is here.

Adam had work on Saturday for almost the whole day. Adri and I went shopping with Julia and the little sisters. After Adam got home work he took a long nap, while Adri and I went up to Wesleytown to visit with the family, and give my mama her Mother's Day gift. 
Saturday night a friend came over and we hung out, talked, and watched Leap Year. We stayed up until 12:00 am! I can't even remember the last time I stayed up that late!
On Sunday we slept in, Adam cooked both lunch and dinner on the grill, the four youngest siblings and Julia came over and hung out for a bit, and it was a just plain nice day. 

How is it that we are already back to the week? As I'm typing I'm drinking coffee and answering emails. Poor Adam is home from work with a bad toothache. I've been after him about going to see the dentist, but he's terrible about stuff like that. 

Happy rainy (at least it is here) Monday! 


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