A day behind

I've been a day behind all week long. Seriously. I thought yesterday was Monday, and I've been thinking all day that today was Tuesday. Thanks, long weekend.

Tomorrow my little one turns TWO. Two whole years old. I can't believe it. We are super excited about her party on Saturday. We're just having a little cookout with some friends and family, but it's all Winnie the Pooh themed and I can't wait for her to see her cake. I'm just hoping that it doesn't decide to rain.

Adri's sleeping on the couch right now, and I just got dinner going on the stove (we're having meat sauce and perogies for dinner).  After naptime we are going to head outside for a little while, since it's the first nice day we've had all week.

I have 50#s of red seed potatoes coming tomorrow so I'm sure we'll be busy planting them all tomorrow afternoon and Friday. The rest of the garden is doing so well. The plants are loving being out in the sun and dirt now and really took right off. I'll have to take some pictures of the garden soon. 

I'm off to work on some knitting, and take a little break while Posie naps. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

The bump makes a good pillow, I guess.

Our diaper order arrived yesterday and it's always the highlight of Adri's day. I mean, what toddler wouldn't love 200 diapers? 

Playing outside after the rain on Memorial Day.


  1. Such a dear little girl. I've been reading your blog since before she was born and have really enjoyed seeing her progress. And now she will soon be a big sister! Blessings on her and all of you.


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