Wild Harvest

{scrambled eggs with ramps, red peppers, and cheese}

{fried pork-chops, with sauted ramps and soft cheese, mashed potatoes, and broccoli}

From forest to table; our wild leek harvest. One of our favorite things about the warmer weather and Spring's arrival is all the wonderful bounty that nature has to offer. The one I think I look forward to the most every year is harvesting *wild leeks (ramps). I sorta feel like it's not quite Spring until after we have harvested and eaten the first ones of the year. This past Sunday we finally found a ton growing in the woods nearby and gathered as many as we could load into the backpack. Now we've been feasting on the on them in soups, with eggs, and burgers for the past two days with no end in sight (well, the end will be when the season runs out). 

I guess I can now say that Spring has officially arrived (at least in my opinion) to Deer Pond Farm!

*in case you've never had them before and need a few more details. Wild leeks grow in damp, sunny woods. The bottom part (under ground) looks like a spring onion, and they have a delicious garlicky flavor. To store them we wash well and place in cups or jars of water in the fridge and use as fast as we can (they only last in the fridge for about a week).


  1. Did you know that ramps are featured in the fairy tale of Rapunzel?


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