Twenty-Two Weeks

Was my last bump update really two whole months ago? Wow. I guess with all the moving and settling in time (and blogging) really got away from me.
The belly is finally getting big! It took so long to show this time, but at long last people can tell I'm pregnant. I feel like when you're twenty some weeks pregnant people should be able to tell ;)

We now have pictures of our wee babe and it looks just like Adri! So tiny and so sweet. 

How far along: twenty-two weeks.

Size of baby: baby is the size of a papaya, and weighs one whole pound!

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good. Our little one is very active these days and around bedtime seems to like to start kicking the most--not too helpful in falling asleep.

no food cravings, but what I want is lemon water. all. the. time. 

Clothing: I've finally broken out the maternity tops! Most of my clothes still fit (like dresses, jeans, ans skirts) but the belly was just not fitting under the shirt anymore. So, out they came.

Baby movement: so much movement. Especially when Adri is on my lap, then baby starts kicking her like crazy.

Best moment this week: finding out who our little one was yesterday (I'll be sharing it on the blog next week).


  1. So sweet....can't wait to hear if Adri is getting a sister or brother. Such a blessings.

    Happy weekend to you and yours!!


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