photos from instagram+a quiet wednesday


1 and 2/ my little fashionista wearing one of her crazy outfits. She even got herself dressed for the first time the other morning!
3 and 4/ first bare feet of the year. From now on Adri and I forget shoes exist.
5/ a lovely little flooded swamp we found while hiking.
6/ us :) 
7/ 20 week bump and 22 month toddler.
8/ Adri exploring.
9/ my man taking pictures while we were out hiking.

Happy Hump Day!

For the past few days it has been so nice out. We've been hanging out outside every chance we can get.
Joe was in town for Easter, and then Wesley and Claire showed up with their wee ones on Monday. They all came over to visit for the afternoon and it was so nice to see them. This was super short visit (they only came up to get their new puppy) but they'll be back in couple weeks for a longer visit.

All is pretty quite in the house right now. Adri's napping, and I'm working and drinking coffee. It's nice to have a quiet day since tomorrow is a busy day. Lots of running errands around town.

Oh, remember our besties Julie and Chad? Julie just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! I can't wait to meet precious little Evelyn.

Tomorrow is Adam's and my third anniversary. Can you believe we've already been together three whole years? We sure have packed a lot into those years though. We're waiting for the weekend to celebrate though (I've been making plans and Adam has no idea).

Have a fantastic Wednesday!