Moments from my week

Dinnertime with my little family. We've been trying to get better with eating dinner at the table. While I'm cooking Adri will run in, pull up a chair and sit down calling for Adam to do the same, and saying "eat!", in a very commanding voice. It's hard to ignore that ;)

We had some dinosaurs that we had bought a couple years ago at a yard sale and had packed away and forgotten about. Guess who found them and was super happy?

I love those little toes. She's gotten so big lately. I no longer have a little baby, I have a toddler.

Must have tulips for the Easter table. Speaking of Easter, I have the menu all planned and am super excited. Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

Fat baby hands are the best. Also, that little kitchen is still one of Adri's favorite places to play. I like that it's in the kitchen now and she can hang out with me while I'm cooking or working.

Adri's Easter basket. I still have a few more things to toss in, but this is most of it. Playdough, bubbles, a chocolate rabbit, jelly beans, fruit pouches and animal crackers.

The new bird feeder outside our big kitchen window. We've been having fun watching the birds flock to it, and identifying the different kinds. Between the two of us we already know most of them, although there have been a few that we've had to look up.

Adam found this cute little toy for Adri at the thrift store. She's been playing with it every day all week!

It's supposed to be warm out today and this weekend. We are going to head outside to play and explore later. I believe the little sisters are coming over and we are going to dye eggs and work on Easter crafts. Tomorrow I'm taking Adri to the Easter Egg Hunt that our library has every year, and we might do some thrifting.

After work Adam is going to buy manure from a farm a couple towns over for the gardens. It looks like from here on out it may be warming up for good, which means gardening!

Sunday is Easter, of course. Lots of the family coming over, an egg hunt for Adri, and a big ham dinner.

Have a blessed Easter.


  1. And a blessed Easter to you and all your family!

  2. Such a wonderful post. Love your sweet family.
    Happy Easter to you and your Rosie.
    Hugs and blessings!!!

  3. Lovely photos! :)
    Happy Resurrection Day!
    Soli Deo Gloria!


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