menu planning+what's in my shopping cart

I'm trying something new this week and menu planning. First of all let me just say, I never menu plan. Basically I just decide every morning what we are having for dinner and go from there. However everyone says that planning what's for dinner each night makes life so much easier (and we grew up doing it that way) so I thought I'd give it a try. 
Above is what we're eating this week (only I decided to switch out the fish tacos for chicken). 

Now onto the groceries. Adam grabbed meat on his way home from work on Friday so I didn't have to buy any when I went shopping. 
I got groceries at Target this week. As I said before, we like to switch things up and shop at different stores, also that was where I was on Saturday and I figured why not just buy groceries then?
In the cart we have dairy stuff like eggs, cheese and milk, coffee (!), frozen veggies, some pasta, sweet potatoes, fresh veggies and fruit. Not pictured is are also chips, cheerios and apple juice for Adri.
Oh, I grabbed the Mott's pouches for Adri because I had a coupon but usually I buy them at Big Lots where I can get them cheaper and they're organic.

We always try to keep the pantry and freezer pretty well stocked so I only buy white potatoes, rice, beans, flour, sugar, oats, popcorn, pasta sauce, pasta, and frozen veggies when we are running low on them. 

As I mentioned on a previous shopping post we spend approx. $50-$70 total a week on groceries (food, paper products, household items and diapers). Sometimes more sometimes less.

I based our menu this week on what we had in the cupboards already, the meat Adam bought (even though some of the meat was frozen to use another time) and what you see in the cart. 

I'll have to see how the menu planning goes. Like I said it's something new and I have my doubts about how it'll work for us, but we'll see ;)

Below are a few snaps of what we've been eating lately.

Lentil and rice stew.

Taco bowls (a favorite around here).

Beef tacos for Taco Tuesday.

And my breakfast. Every. Single. Day.  Some form of eggs, toast, coffee, and orange juice.


  1. I loved seeing how you do this, Rosie! :) I menu plan 3 meals a day every two weeks. I do my main shopping twice a month, and we pick up a few things in between. We buy bulk from Amish stores near us. With home educating and 8 people here, it is one of my huge lifesavers. I just check my plan in the morning and take out meat to thaw or pop dinner into crock pot. It isn't as romantic and free flowing, but I can't handle not knowing with my big crowd. I'm not a huge planner by nature, but a couple of years ago I started doing this and now it's a habit and I love it! :D

  2. Keep us posted on how you do with your menu planning. Always love seeing what others buy at the grocery store....thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs to you all.


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