after the weekend: hiking, gardening, and work

I can't believe it's already Monday again. Why is it the week days go by so slowly, but the weekends fly by? Makes no sense. 

Anyway. We had a really great weekend. We did a lot, most of it mainly stuff outside so we could enjoy the perfect weather.

On Saturday both Adam and I had work in the morning, and then in the afternoon Adam and a friend fixed the bearing on our car.
Sunday morning we slept in, had our usual weekend breakfast of pancakes and eggs, and then headed to town to get some plants for the garden. 
Back home again, we packed some snacks and took off for a hike. We ended up on the Finger Lakes Trail and found some really neat new (to us) spots. On our way back we harvested ramps to go with lunch. 
After lunch (Adam made burgers with cheese and sauted ramps) we spent the afternoon out in the garden. Adam dug up soil, while I planted pots of herbs and strawberries. 
Bathes, popcorn, and a movie ended a wonderful day. 

 So, yes, another wonderful busy Spring weekend.

I don't have a whole lot planned for today. Just laundry, watering plants, and work. If it's nice out I'm sure Adri and I will spend most of the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine. 

Have a lovely Monday! 



  1. I agree....the weekends go way too fast.
    Loved reading about your weekend.
    Have a blessed day Rosie.

  2. This looks like a great weekend!

  3. Your plants look happy and healthy. It must be the country air.😀

    1. Espy, I think it is! They are doing so much better since we moved from the apartment. I think they like all the sunshine too.


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