Simple Corn Chowder

There's nothing like a big bowl of hot soup (or stew) on a chilly winter night. At least, I don't think so. Around here we love soup, but when it's 70+ degrees outside soup is not ideal. Therefore we eat as much of it in the wintertime as we can. This is my super quick and easy corn chowder recipe. Since we are avid carnivores we like ours with bacon, but it's easy to skip the bacon and make it vegetarian.

You will need:
(amounts vary according to how many people you are serving. This is what I used for the three of us though. And we had lots of leftovers).

Four large potatoes. Chopped into bite sized pieces.
2 cups of frozen corn.
1 cup of frozen peas.
as much cooked bacon as you like (crumbled).
1 small onion, chopped.
2 stalks of celery, chopped.
enough milk to cover everything.

To make:

Cover potatoes with water and cook until tender. Drain well.
Saute celery and onions in some of the butter.
Add everything to a large pot and simmer on low (do not let boil!) until hot and steamy. Add some butter to this too, and season with salt and pepper.

Serve with some good crusty bread. 
Feeds four.

We made this for dinner on Sunday afternoon and Adri loved it. She ate a bowl and wanted more (something that rarely happens with my picky toddler!). 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have a big hunk of corned beef cooking away in the crock-pot for our boiled dinner, and I'm planning on making Irish Soda Bread when I get done with work and the house cleaning. 
We have SO much snow outside, it really is crazy. If the wind stops blowing and it warms up a bit I plan on taking Adri out to play in it for a bit today. 
We don't have many plans for the weekend so far. Neither Adam nor I have work so I'm pretty sure we'll be working on house stuff. The back porch really needs to be cleaned off  and I still have not hung up a single piece of artwork. 
Maybe, just maybe, we'll go see Beauty and The Beast in the theater tomorrow afternoon. Hmmm, I like that plan...

Have a wonderful weekend!