after the weekend: st. patrick's day, visiting, and (still) snow

Happy First Day of Spring! Not that it really feels like Spring around these parts. But still, it means the snow has to melt and it has to warm up at some point, right? Right.

On Friday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day complete with a boiled dinner and Irish Soda bread (I use this recipe here). I always forget how much I love corned beef until March rolls around and then all the sudden I remember that it's one of the best meats ever.
On Saturday Julia came over and spent the night. We hung out, talked, and watched movies. Such fun.
Sunday the rest of the family came over and we all had a ham dinner together. I love that our new place is big enough to fit everyone, and I can't wait for warmer weather when we can have cook-outs!

Also, even though the weather doesn't know that it's Spring apparently my body must, because I've had a burst of energy lately and been deep cleaning, unpacking the last of the boxes, and I even finally hung up almost all the artwork! Now the place is starting to really feel like home and it's soooo nice.

Bump has been moving like crazy (apparently I feel my babies move super early on in the pregnancy?). Little flips here and there. It's so sweet. I also can't believe that time is going by so fast--in just three and a half weeks I'll be half-way through the pregnancy!

Today I'm planning on taking it easy. The house is (surprise, surprise) pretty clean already, I'm almost done with my first cup of coffee, Adri already had her breakfast (I still need to have mine), and I have a few phone calls to make. I think we're having mac and cheese for dinner since we haven't had it in a while and it's one of Adri and Adam's favorites. I'll fry up some kielbasa on the side so we are sure to have plenty of protein ;) Oh, and I have work, later tonight.

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Always love reading your updates Rosie.
    Glad you are doing so well in your new home. Yes, your pregnancy is going fast.
    Be careful in all that snow.
    Hugs and blessings.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      We are taking it easy and staying inside as much as we can. Although I think from here on out the weather is supposed to warm up and even now the snow is melting already! ox

  2. sounds like a lot of family fun. I'm happy for your renewed energy! a second trimester blessing! :)


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