14 Weeks

And just like that, two whole weeks have passed and I'm fourteen weeks along. I'm excited because I'm now officially in the second trimester and that means I'll (hopefully) not be so sick, and have more energy. Yay!

My belly is getting bigger and I'm looking forward to folks being able to tell that I'm pregnant and not just assume I gained about five or six pounds.

How far along: Fourteen weeks.

Size of baby: Going by the fruit size, right now baby is a lemon ;)

Sleep: Sleeping I'm enjoying these nights of comfortableness (relative word, since the toddler takes up most of my room in bed) before getting big.

Now that I'm not feeling so nauseous all the time I'm able to eat more again. It's nice to finally have an appetite one more. 

Morning sickness: Slowly getting better, day by day. I think an end might be in sight as last.

Baby movement: Last week I felt baby move for the first time! Just a little flutter, but it was there. I can't wait until Adri and Adam get feel it move.

Best moment this week: Baby kicking, of course :)

Today we moved all the kitchen stuff, the animals (fish, birds and cats), and plants over to the house. Then tomorrow we move in! Things have gone by so fast. I can't believe by the end of the weekend we'll be all settled in our new home. So exciting.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Look at you sweet mama....you are beautiful.

  2. So excited for you! I love your dress. Lots of great things going on in your corner:). Happy weekend!

  3. That is one gorgeous dress and you look beautiful!

    Happy new house!


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