ten things I'm loving lately

one-- this cup that I got at the thrift store the other day. It's my new favorite.

two--I love this photo of my Baba Goo. Just hanging out, eating an apple. Typical stuff around here.

three--there are a couple new items in the shop right now. I really like this hand embroidered table cloth (enough the I wish a had an excuse to keep it).

four--I made these avocado bacon burgers last week and they were soooo delicious (recipe coming the blog later this week).

five--we have snow a lot of snow right now and the other day Adri and I took a little walk in it. Babies in snow are the cutest. She was singing a little song to herself as she stomped through it.

six--I've been watching Z: The Beginning Of Everything and all I can say is, it is the best thing I've watched in a while. The story line is good, and so is the acting, but it's the costumes that I'm in love with. 

seven--Adri's been  joining me on my fruit kick. She's been eating a lot more in general lately, and that makes me pretty happy. For a while there she wouldn't eat anything but chips and cheerios!

eight--Adam brought home duck eggs from work last week. I love duck eggs, they're so perfect for baking!

nine--this little bump right here. It's finally popping out and I love it so.


ten--this little video from our weekend adventure! 


  1. I love your mug too! :D My children have been on a breaking-mug kick lately. ;) Accidently of course, but maybe it gives me an excuse to go thrifting for some new ones!

  2. So sweet....your baby bump. Love the video and seeing Adri having so much fun.

  3. They are so precious at this age! I am happy and excited for you! Take care of yourself.


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