Snapshots from Wesleytown


Just sharing a few photos from the other day when Adri and I were up visiting mama and the (not so) little in Wesleytown. It's a weekly tradition and Adri looks forward to it each Wednesday (although in this case we went up on Tuesday).

Today we have lots and lots of snow falling outside our windows. Earlier we bundled up and headed to the post office, and our little local grocery (to buy some milk and apples for a certain someone). Adri took her time stomping through the snow and had to stop every so often to touch it (and then laugh).

I've been working filming a little video today, which, if I'm successful in putting together I'll share tomorrow. Don't hold me to it though ;)

I'm so happy we are finally in February! January is such a long dreary month and I was more than ready to see it end.

Adri's watching an episode of Kazoops!, so while she's busy I'm trying to pay bills, tackles emails, and get a bit of work done. We'll have to see how long the quiet last for though. Not long, I'm sure.

Have lovely day! 


  1. I love the picture of the snow. Today,it well be 77 and sunny.

  2. Love the pretty corners! Christina


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