My Man's Birthday

It's my man's birthday today. To tell the truth I think I'm way more excited about it then he is. I love birthdays, and he's all like "it's no big deal". Yeah, right.
Anyway, I realize for Adam being such a huge part of my life he's not on the blog all that much. Most of it is his fault-he hates having his picture taken-and also that Adri is just a whole lot more fun to photograph ;)

I thought I'd write out a little list of ten random things about my man that maybe no one around here knows and then you'd all get to know him a bit better.

1. He has a super good voice (but rarely sings) and he used to be in a band with friends when he was a teenager.

2. He will eat any foods but "icky" ones (his words, not mine). Chicken with bones, avocados, and eggs with yolks (he likes scrambled though).

3. He would gladly live out in the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain, without a neighbor in sight.

4. He can speak fairly good Spanish (and understands it better than he speaks it).

5. He is a total cat person and loves them. He's always named his cats after food; Pancakes, Sausage, Porkchop, etc.

6. He's the world's best dad. He works a eight hour day at work (ten if you count the round trip two hour commute), and then comes home to watch and play with Adri while I got to work.

7. He's super handy to have around in the kitchen and makes a delicious meatloaf.

8. He doesn't drink coffee because it makes him super jumpy. he does however drink lots of energy drinks. Sigh.

9. He's French on both his mom and dad's sides (hence his dark hair and blue eyes). His grandparents spoke fluent French.

10. He had our daughter's name picked out since he was nineteen (long before he met me): Adriana Rose.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover, partner in crime, and father of our two children. I love to the moon and back, forever and always.

p.s the picture is my favorite one of him. I took it a few years back around the time we started dating. 


  1. I have to know if he likes chicken, just not on the bone. I found that interesting. I have a friend whose husband won't each chicken or pork, at all. He just doesn't like them. LOL He is handsome, my husband also has blue eyes and dark hair. My favorite. :) Have a great rest of your week.

    1. He likes chicken, but not chicken with bones (he likes the chicken breast). Dark hair and blue eyes is my favorite too :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love learning more about your true love Rosie. You two have something very, very special.


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