Happy Valentine's Day!

We're not huge fans of Valentine's Day around here. I'm not sure why, but it's just not really a holiday we're that into. 
However, it also happens to be my littlest sister's birthday (she's eleven today) and there's flowers and candy.  All reasons to like and celebrate the day.
So far this morning Adriana and I have eaten heart shaped breakfast casseroles, opened valentines, drank hot tea, and eaten a cupcake. 

I opened my box from my valentine "buddy" (remember the valentine exchange I was a part of?) and she sent such a wonderful package of goodies. 
The little doll is for Adri and she loves it!

Snow, snow everywhere. There is so much outside. Thankfully it finally stopped falling, but now the town workers are driving around trying to remove it all from the streets.

I bought home a stack of "love" books from the library for Adriana. The past few days these books are all that we've read, on repeat, over and over. 

As I said yesterday, other than a yummy dinner we are not making plans for anything tonight. Since I have work we'll just do something fun in a week or two and celebrate then.

Have a beautiful day with your loved ones.