Big Changes

Not only are we moving, but we are moving next week! We've been on the lookout for a new place for some time and now that we have another little person on the way the need for a bigger place has grown even more.
Unexpectedly we found a place out in the country. It's a big old rambling farmhouse on a lot of land, surrounded by lots of state forests.
It's going to be a big adjustment. Not only packing and moving so quickly (we move in next weekend), but being out in the country, having a much bigger place, etc.

We are super excited, although to be honest I'm a little nervous too. I don't do very well with change, and this is a lot of change really fast.

So if this little space is quiet for the next couple weeks it's only that I'm busy packing, moving, and settling into our new home, not that I'm gone for good.

I'm sure I'll be updating on Instagram and my Insa stories so be sure to head over there to keep up with our new adventure.

In between packing I've had time to bake banana bread and muffins. Also, fruit and cheese platters seem to be the snack of choice around here. 

Adri's hair is long enough to put in a tiny little ponytail! The cuteness of it makes the battle of getting her to sit still worth it ;)

One of Adri's favorite thing is listening to the guitar being played. She will sit forever and just watch and listen intently.

Last weekend we celebrated another birthday. Little sister requested that we make these " sleepy hot dog puppies" (hot dogs are inside). So cute!

Mornings around here start with tea and candlelight. I'm SO ready for sunshine and summer though. We're super excited that we'll finally have a yard and a garden. Adam's already talking about starting seedlings-I just have to convince him to at least wait until we are done moving ;)


  1. Oh excited and happy for you guys. What a wonderful adventure.
    Hugs and blessings to you.

  2. Oh, my! That is exciting and a lot of change...Are you Rosie's Rambles on Instagram?

  3. I am so so so happy for you! A farmhouse in the country! Ah, to be young again. *-* And just in time for a garden this year!

  4. All the best with the crazy of moving.. but what an exciting dream house to be moving to :)

  5. Oh how exciting! Your new home sounds absolutely gorgeous and has me sighing wistfully. I wish you the best of luck with everything!

  6. Lovely changes! Happy for you! We call thoes pigs in a blanket but her words are cuter!

  7. Congratulations!:) wonderful news on a new little one and new sure you will make it into a lovely cosy home.look forward to seeing the wishes karen uk

  8. congratulations on the move and the new home. Big changes ahead but they seem like beautiful ones. Won't moving to the country be like a bit of your childhood? I'm sure you will make your new place beautiful and cozy - can't wait to see pictures!

  9. I look forward to reading more about this exciting adventure of yours. Haven't visited in a long time and so missed the preggo update! Adri is going to be so happy to have a little sibling. I know it was so for my two eldest, who are the best of friends.


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